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Birthday Parties

Guess who has a perfect solution for you? Conference in India brings you the most creative ideas for this special day. You can enjoy every moment of the party while we are working towards making it memorable for you. From the decorations to the artist performances, we take care of everything; apart from the entertainment part, we also analyse your requirements and cater to your needs under your budget. To make your party an avant-garde event, we track the latest trends and use the latest technology. With every minute thing considered, we make sure that your guests are comfortable and never like before experience.

Anniversary Parties

Do not let this hustle of life subdue your reasons to celebrate your love; there are no hurdles in your anniversary celebrations if you let us plan your wedding anniversary party. Let us take up the responsibility, and all you have to do is experience a customised luxury wedding anniversary designed by our specialists. All the ingredients of an amazing party like venue, theme, candle night dinner, decorations, sound and light systems, menu, and other things are carefully chosen to enhance this special day's importance. Working with our team of talented planners will give you a memorable event and make your guests happy with the world-class hospitality that they can boast of. We are here to help pull together all of the different elements that a party requires, and you can count on the Conference of India team to deliver!

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Theme Parties

Theme parties are becoming very popular these days. If you plan for a party and want to do something different to please your guests, then a theme party is the best idea for you. All you have to do is choose among our unique and exciting themes ideas that will make your party more happening. As one of the leading party planners, we provide you with our party planners and access to a creative design team that works innovatively with each theme party and makes sure that it is distinctive and as fun as possible. We brainstorm with you to work on ideas and create a party to remember, and all of this is done under your budget. While we are very careful about your needs, we also take care of your guests' involvement in the party. If you let us plan a theme party for you, we will make sure that each moment of your party is filled with excitement.

New Year's Eve Party

We are known as the best party planners in Delhi, providing the best ideas and better services under your budgets. This time just relax and welcome the new year with style and glamour. The trend of celebrating new years while grooving to the music and enjoying your drink will never fade away. Now you can do all of that without thinking much about your guests because we are here for taking care of all that. Herewith our new year planning services, apart from the best management, we focus on creating memories. Our ideas are unique and match the high-class standards, having the best supports for various things, including games, performances, activities, etc. You'll love our precision and pace, along with the affordability. This is what makes us a pristine event management company.

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Christmas Party

Christmas is one of the eagerly awaited festivals, and people wait impatiently for this time of the year. It's filled with fun, gifts, carols, spreading the fragrance of fresh pine trees and the aroma of baked cookies, cakes! Christmas brings warmth and gives an appreciation to your near and dear ones. For those impatient enthusiasts, it's time to gear up since Christmas is just around the corner and the time to be with your loved ones has arrived, and to make these moments more cherishable, all you need is someone with experience in this field, who will take care of every detail. Conference in India is the king of party planning and event management, organising an ideal Christmas party, just the way you have picturised. We offer a superior way and source of cheerfulness and tranquillity for this promising day! You can definitely rely on our services as we are one of the best event management companies in Delhi.

Kids Parties

For kids, a party is all about fun and enjoyment where they can forget about school and studies and just be with their friends. We have innovative ideas for you to bring a fun-filled memorable experience for your kids. We have a new approach to create such astounding experiences to cherish forever. There are many unheard themes, decors, strikingly and surprisingly, new get-ups available that will leave you wondering with awe. These parties are exhilarating, and both adults and kids enjoy such parties to the fullest. If you are waiting to unearth and enjoy such a party, then no one but Conference in India has exciting options for you. With all the forms of guides, planning, executing expertise, connect with Conference in India to organise one amazing party for your kid.

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Lovely Moments

The right music and a good DJ can make any event a success. If you're planning a party you need music to set the mood and hot sounds to get people dancing. We can provide our clients with disco jockeys for various events such as birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and others. Our DJ have great music sense and can mix music of various beats making the numbers much more foot tapping and graceful. Moreover, the jockeys use latest mixers, amplifiers, speakers and other discotheque instruments to ensure that the sound output is brilliant. is just the right place to make your forthcoming Conference a Big Success. Feel Free to speak to us.
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